Yeldersley Hall Showcase

Flexing creativity

As you may have seen before, we love to be involved in shoots, editorial and creative projects with like minded souls. Last May Tara from Tickety Boo events and Chris The Chef put out their clarion call to some of our favourite wedding folks and asked us if we would like to join them in the next Yeldersley Hall Showcase. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who have booked their wedding to see the placed dressed up. And for those who have never been, but are looking for their perfect venue, to come and say hello to the Yeldersley team!

Polly and Ludo at home in Staffordshire


I always think there is something quite special about getting married from home. Especially when the reception is going to be there too! For us, it will mean we are often able to be on site a few days before. It gives a great insight into the family, everyones personalities, in a slightly more relaxed way than maybe they are on the actual BIG day. We almost always get chance to meet the family dogs that way too. That bit we like a lot! So the fact that Polly and Ludo held their wonderful reception in grounds of Polly’s family home was wonderful!

Dani and Jim at The Hidden Hive

Hearts in their eyes

I love the shot above – Jim literally has hearts in his eyes at the brilliant Hidden Hive, It’s a brilliant capture by Michael at Three Six Seven Nine photography! And isn’t the confetti shot your fav of a whole wedding collection? There is something about that frivolous act, the colours flying and seeing the joy of peoples faces that make it some kind of magic!

Becki and Martin at the West Mill


Sometime you meet someone and you just click. You feel you have so much in common and could chatty afternoon away about everything and nothing. Well that’s exactly how it felt on first meeting with Becki. She is a warm, kind and very gentle soul. I liked her very much.

Sarah and Jack at Tissington Hall

The perfect day at Tissington Hall

Sarah and Jack had the most dreamy wedding day! It was full of so many lovely, thoughtful touches. Everything had been considered and carefully planned and it was an absolute triumph. I’m proud to have been part of this special day.

Georgie and Charlie at Thornbridge Hall

Autumn Steals My Heart

I first met Georgie and Charlie for a drink on a very cold January evening in Ashbourne to discuss their ideas for wedding flowers and I really liked them very much straight away – a shared love of all things Autumn and Foo Fighters made for great conversation!

Kira and Gareth’s Directional West Mill Wedding

Kira and Gareth's Directional West Mill Wedding

The Terracotta Edit

Kira and Gareth had a gorgeous colour palette ready for me to work on, but I have to admit I was a little daunted by the colour choice as it wasn’t a palette I’d used before, is it took me out of my comfort zone when it came to ordering new varieties. This is a good thing. It exercises the grey matter and I have to say I was really thrilled with the results.

Natalie & Mark’s Classic Tissington Wedding

Kirk Ireton and Tissington

I ruddy love a village church wedding!

I had the pleasure of chatting about Natalie’s wedding plans with her gorgeous mum Moira, before I actually met Nat and Mark. The couple currently reside in London town, and while they were in the process of getting the ball rolling I chatted a few essential through with Moira, and scheduled a meeting with Nat a few weeks later. Some things they were sure about, some they were till to decide. The no brainer part was that the ceremony would take place at the village church in Kirk Ireton – quite literally 30 steps from the family home (and really close to the local pub for the groom and his bonny men to visit to calm the nerves)…but the decision was a gorgeous Top Marques marque at the family home, or their semi permanent marque in the grounds of Tissington Hall?

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