Sarah and Jack at Tissington Hall

Sarah’s day started with preps in the bridal suite with all her girls and the very fabulous James White on hair detail. And was followed by a ceremony in St Mary’s church in the grounds – a short (uphill) walk from the hall. Not the most practical outfits for an uphill stroll, but certainly the most beautiful! I think you’ll agree Sarah looks every bit the classic summer bride, with her to die for dress and that scented dream of a bouquet featuring all the summer favourites – peonies, roses, freesia, lisi, alchamilla and white nigella!

Making an entrance

We created a flower tower entrance into the church (only pic in this blog we took – sorry it’s not up to pro standards) which featured more of the seasons bounty. It certainly caused a local stir, with lots of locals popping up for a look and a few little ones making off with choice rose when my back was turned!

All the flowers in Derbyshire

Sarah had a dream of what the wedding would look like and the dream featured ALL The FLOWERS! It took is three trips in a long wheel base van to get the flower on site and there was a lot of heavy lifting involved. But I’m sure you’ll agree the dream became a reality?

There were three designs for tables. The top table was a huge oval with guest seated all around. For this we filled a mix of different vessels with cafe au laities dahlia, roses, hydrangea, stocks, delphinium and all manner of lush and gorgeous flowers, and intermingled a full range of twinkling tea lights and cylinders for all the romance!

The there were the EPIC elevated flower designs. These we a rich mix of hydrangea, gigantic allium, lisi, spray roses, roses and many other textures and foliages. The scent from these really filled the room, and the size and scale was the largest we’ve worked on for this venue.

The other guest tables had low level compote bowls of roses and provided good contract to the very extravagant tall designs.

Can we take a moment for the cake…

This was no ordinary cake, and this was no ordinary cake decoration! This ivory and gold tower of loveliness was created by Hannah at Bake. She smashed this one out the park (not literally you understand?) Then I got busy with the most extravagant floral dressing you might ever see! It was just a garden of hydrangeas, roses, peonies and foliages, culminating in cake. Isn’t that the dream?

I don’t publish black and white images very often on the site. But for these two I make an exception. This first image is quite frankly fit for royalty and I love it. So evocative.

The second is Sarah’s personal favourite and she loved it so much she used it on the thank you cards, so for that reason I had to add it in too! Thanks to the lovely lovely couple (and their families) and also thanks to Ben Pollard, who captured all these stunning images.

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