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I have just returned from a truly inspirational few days in Herefordshire, with Sabine Darrall on her Evergreen workshop, a short course dedicated to understanding more about foam free design. What on earth is that I hear you cry??? Well for those non florists, foam free means without the use of that green Oasis foam that is often used (by us too) in creating floral arrangements.

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Michelle and Mark at Shiningford

Blessings for a Shiningford Wedding

Nope, this is not a photoshoot, and nope Michelle is not a model, but you’d be excused for thinking both. Michelle is actually one half of an absolutely gorgeous couple (Mark being her fabulous husband) ¬†who had a dream of a day, with their Shiningford wedding.

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Creativity for creatives sake…

Nadia Di Tullio Flowers Creativity

Reaching out for something new

I’m a BIG believer in flexing creativity once in a while. It’s great to work through wedding concepts with my couples and help bring their visions to life. But I truly believe, in able for me to stay fresh, on trend and hungry for new design, I have to indulge in creativity for creatives sake sometimes.

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Kerry and Ali’s Super Cool West Mill Wedding

Joie de vivre

There is no other way to think of this super cool couple than with a level of joy that is so infectious you might just burst!

I’m not ashamed to admit I fell for Kerry the moment she walked into the cafe to have our first consultation. She had all the things I LOVE going on… Stripey tee – check, Red Lipstick – check, Smiles and giggles – check and more enthusiasm for life than I think I’ve ever had the pleasure to come across before. She is an absolute doll face! Ali her most wonderful partner in crime is a little quieter but no less adorable and he had maximum hugs when he consult was done. These are my kind of people.

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Jodi and Craig’s Autumnal wedding at the West Mill

Autumnal Weddings Rule OK

For me there is nothing quite like an Autumnal wedding. I am crazy giddy over the range of textures and colours available and for me it’s a real seasonal swan song. I also love autumnal light. So this combination of a bride who let me go wild on the flower choices, with fabulous outfit choices, at a glorious venue complete with my fav photography team was always going to be a winner…

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Liv and Mark’s Beautifully Elegant West Mill Wedding

Two Years In The Making

I met Liv and her mum and her Nan two years before this absolutely sunning couples wedding took place, at West Mill in Derby. (I’m happy to say I met with them numerous times in between too, as we had a wonderful afternoon making flower crowns for Liv’s hen do!) Liv and Mark really are as lovely as their are beautiful. What kind, funny and generous couple they are….

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Robyn and Tom at the Knockerdown

The Never Ending Winter at The Knockerdown

Wow. Winter 2018/19. It has to go down on record as a stinker! It felt like the snow was here longer over this winter than I’ve ever known it before. Needless to say when Robyn and Tom booked their wedding at The Knockerdown cottages for mid March, little did the expect to welcome snow flurries along with the guest list!

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Whistlewood Weddings

Whistlewood is one of those places you’d never know was there unless someone told you about it. Located just off the Derbyshire Leicestershire border it’s an eco friendly permaculture, that has the capacity for hosting environmentally conscious weddings.

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