Anette and Dave – and the protea bouquet

Pretty Hot

These guys look great together am I right?

Meet Anette and Dave. We first met on the morning of their wedding and it was my pleasure! The couple currently live in Norway, Anette’s home land. Dave is English, from Nottingham, so their choice of The West Mill venue was practically on the families door step.


Anette contacted me through email and I have to say I was charmed instantly. Not only was her email writing beautiful (in her second language!) but she was so excited and enthusiastic I couldn’t wait to be part of the day! We exchanged multiple message over a period of months to be sure we refined the designs. But I have to say Anette’s trust in my ideas was kindly and flattering.

Protea Bouquet of dreams

We used lots of foliages throughout the venue as well as more candles than I can even count, but the real exciting point for me was the bouquet. The brief was something different. With protea. You know I love the use of texture and little freedom of design, so this was such thrill to create. I ordered a wide selection of floral elements and waited until the morning of the wedding to create the bouquet. I really wanted everything to be just at the perfect stage of opening, so the selection had to be just right. I think it was pretty spot on as when I saw Anette she was tearful and described it as ‘the bouquet of dreams’. Mic drop. My work here is done….

Keep scrolling for some more images from Anette and Dave’s beautiful and elegant day, all captured by the lens of the amazing artist that is photographer  Mari Strømsbo Gjørv 


Dave working it

Fine dining…

Can we just take a moment to admire that not only did they give their guests Krispy Kreme’s, they also provided Ruby Lou’s Treats AND Yummy Little Cakes cake table of DREAMS

A real class act!


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